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Sky Team logo

Flying with our partners

Welcome to SkyTeam – a great alliance that offers quality, efficiency 
and a unique worldwide network, for both passengers and cargo SkyTeam is proud to announce that its alliance-wide programme…


Luc Gnacadja – Interview

In an exclusive interview for msafiri, Wagaki Mwangi talks to Mr Luc Gnacadja at the end of his three-year term as Executive Secretary of the UN Convention to Combat Desertification…


Flying blue

Find out more about the benefits of joining the Flying Blue programme as well as how to redeem your miles The Flying Blue Programme is the Frequent Flyer programme for…


Retracing WORLD WAR 1

KWS makes plans to join in with celebrations to commemorate the First World War From January 2014, Kenya Wildlife Service is partnering with communities living around Tsavo to tap into…


Family Matters – Empty days

Msafiri’s regular columnist Jackson Biko urges ‘stay-at-home’ dads to find themselves an absorbing hobby The stay-at-home dad wakes up, looks out the window and sees miles and miles of time….

Supporting Education

Kenya Airways donates a science laboratory to a secondary school in Makueni County Kenya Airways has donated a facility that will see well over 80 students benefit from the project…


Towering achievements

When it comes to great architecture, bigger isn’t always better (though sometimes it is…)  Paul Bloomfield tracks down the most spectacular, groundbreaking & just plain beautiful buildings created on the…


Rustic Retreats

Msafiri asked environmentalist David Bristow, co-author of Africa’s Finest to select five of his favourite Eco-Lodges on the KQ network 1. Mike’s Island, Kenya Mike was enjoying life – an…

Xbox vs PS4

New ways to play

A new PlayStation and Xbox have arrived, but next-gen gaming isn’t about better graphics says Ben Sillis – it’s about whole new ways to play This month, both Sony and…

Volunteers hope to slow desertification by planting vegetation in Somalia
PHOTO: National Geographic/Getty Images

The Seeds of Change

If current trends continue, two-thirds of Africa’s arable land could be lost to desertification by 2025. But sprouting from the parched earth are the green shoots of optimism, writes Gavin…