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With 60 destinations as well as codeshare routes, Kenya Airways is taking you to more places than ever. Global Marketplace brings you the best finds from KQ’s network. In this issue Jackson Biko spotlights Dorcus Beads, a community-based organisation that makes jewellery and home accessories

BraceletsDorcus Beads is a community-based organisation in Kasikeu, Eastern Kenya. Formed in 2008 the organisation, consisting of over 100 women, (most of them widows) make beads from recycled magazines to support their children and other children who are orphaned through HIV/AIDS. Apart from this, the women do a lot of home visitations and also run youth clubs to promote leadership development in the children. The products they make include bracelets, necklaces, coaster sets, picture frames, mirrors and notebooks. They make these products from raw materials such as maize sacks, iPad cases and recycled plastic bags.

01 Wire bracelets
These are bracelets that coil around your hand; some people call them memory bracelets. They come in different colours. The product is made from recycled glossy magazines, enhanced with small-sized Maasai beads. No painting is done on the beads; the colour of the magazine determines the colour of the bracelet. They can also be used as anklets. • US$4

02 Carnival necklace
At around 70cm in length, this necklace can be worn to suit your mood, style and outfit. Fold it over several times, or leave it to hang, swinging as you walk. The attractive design incorporates a range of beads of different sizes, shapes and colours. As with all Dorcus’ recycled beads – the original colours of the magazines from which they are recycled determine the colour of the beads – making each necklace as unique as the wearer. The connectors are tiny multicoloured Maasai beads and there is no hook on this product.  • US$5

03 Juu necklace
Treat yourself to Dorcus Beads’ JUU necklace. Similar to their usual necklaces (made with their trademark recycled magazine beads) but with the added enhancement of West African silver and glass beads, the JUU is a style statement. This product is available in three lengths to suit different moods and outfits – 25cm, 33cm and 40cm. • US$6

04 Multi-strand necklaces and bracelets
The multi-strand necklaces and bracelets come in single, two-strand, three-strand and five-strand designs (ten-strand designs are available for bracelets). They are 25cm long and all made from recycled glossy magazines. Each of these pieces has been handcrafted by one person. It takes a good beader a whole day to roll 100 small beads. Silver and golden hooks are used as clasps. • From US$5

05 Gift packs
The pack includes a five-strand necklace, a single-strand bracelet and dangling earrings, all made using Dorcus recycled beads. The connectors are tiny Maasai beads and the items are gift-packed in specially-designed organza bags decorated with unique Dorcus Beads. The gift packs can be made to order – choose between shades of browns, blues and greens, or any other combination you require. • Various prices

06 Earrings
Dorcus Beads’ earrings come in different shapes and sizes. Pictured here are their dangling earrings, made from recycled glossy magazines, enhanced with some JUU materials and dangles on a thick thread. Other earrings include hook earrings, big-bead earrings and small-bead earrings. • From US$3