Maasai Colour

HR-BAGMsafiri met Pete Hansell, the co-founder of a new premium Kenyan handbag label, who explains how Maasai Colour, ‘Just makes things right’…

Kenya has a spirit of its own.
Maasai Colour was launched to capture some of this feeling, and to offer the rest of the world a taste of Africa. It also gave the founders the perfect excuse to follow their dreams and run a company that makes a difference in the country they love. This is the story of how two Kenyan girls and two English guys set about creating the first premium Kenyan handbag label.

Launched 12 months ago, Maasai Colour has a simple formula – “We just make things right!” explains founder Pete. “People are fed up with badly made products. We make ours the old-fashioned way – by hand and able to stand the test of time.” Starting a business in Nairobi has not been easy but the team laugh it off: “If something could go wrong it probably did, but we’ve had a lot of fun.”

“We are confident that we now have the finest tailors in Nairobi,” says Pete. “Skilled and creative… they make things right and we can do the same for them. Every bag sold generates growth and allows us to start making the difference we set out to. We’re offering seed finance and mentoring to help young Kenyan entrepreneurs start their own businesses, and we’ve had a raft of applications. More businesses means more jobs and more money flowing to the people who most need it. It’s not a new concept but it works.”

Their first range has taken off across the UK, with boutiques, department stores and even the British Museum clamouring to stock them. They’ve taken a timeless tote shape and given it a stylish twist. The signature is their intricate Maasai beadwork, which adorns the front of each bag. The body is made from eco-friendly and sustainable Jute – framed by high-quality leathers. It’s a winning combination, striking enough to add a classy edge to any outfit. The range comes in seven bright colours.

With their new range being developed, and a growing fan club, the future looks exciting for Maasai Colour. Products made right, right by your side – and always Kenya style.

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