Keeping up appearances

Nairobi is in an architectural renaissance. Kenya’s  rapidly growing capital city is attracting innovative designs and state-of-the-art building technology. msafiri commissioned a special report from business writers Kelai Wanjiru and…


We can work it out

With Apple’s big iPhone revamp, Ben Sillis believes technology has gone truly mainstream at last. Now it’s time to really start innovating… In June this year Apple CEO Tim Cook…


The time has come

The humble wristwatch is about to become a lot more advanced, says technology writer Joe Svetlik You may still mainly use your wristwatch to tell the time, but these days…


The open road

Ghanaian broadcast journalist and msafiri’s regular business columnist Komla Dumor wants more freedom of movement for Africans within the continent. I have had the pleasure of travelling to several countries…


A guide to doing business in Hong Kong

Going to Hong Kong on business? We’ve put together our ten top tips for doing business in one of the world’s great coastal cities, plus ten ideas for things to…


The perfect suit

To make a good impression in business, you don’t have to buy an expensive suit, but it does pay to get the fit just right. Olive Gachara gives her top…


Made in Africa

Africa is still largely considered by the outside world as little more than an exporter of primary raw products to industrialised countries and the importer of finished goods from abroad….

Komla Dumor

All about attitude

You can look good on paper and have all the right policies, but it’s having the right attitude that really counts says msafiri’s business columnist, Komla Dumor. These days it…


A long walk from 1963

The African Union celebrates its Golden Jubilee In May this year the African Union celebrated its Golden Jubilee. Born on 25 May 1963, its aim was to champion the political…


Small, simple and smart

With the power of the cloud, the boundary between regular mobiles and smartphones is collapsing. That’s great for us all, says Ben Sillis Nokia’s latest phone can do just about…