Top five inventions of the future

Are technological advances happening more quickly than ever before? In recent years a number of transformative technologies have moved from science fiction to reality. Vincent Matinde predicts five inventions that…

Komla Dumor

Look no further

Ghanaian broadcast journalist and msafiri’s regular business columnist Komla Dumor urges us to look at the endless possibilities for taking time out in Africa The year is moving fast. I…


Work the web

Setting up and maintaining an effective business website is crucial in a global online economy. Vincent Matinde explains how to make your online presence count The online community is surging…


Urban roots

Farmer, poet, author and philanthropist Bernard Muhia has sown the seeds of an ambitious plan: to inspire a million new farmers in Africa. Here he explains how urban farming has…


Post-Apple world?

Msafiri’s technology expert Ben Sillis wonders whether we are entering a Samsung-era When Apple launched the iPad 2 in 2011, Steve Jobs claimed we were living in a “post-PC” world….