15 Global Thrills

SkyTeam is 15! Kenya Airways is proud to be among 20 airline partners in this global network of routes – and we’re celebrating the alliance’s anniversary by showcasing 15 of the most exciting experiences you can encounter with SkyTeam

15ThrillsThe world becomes better connected every day. Communications are quicker, news travels faster, transactions are easier – and over the past 15 years SkyTeam has been instrumental in ensuring that your travel connections are smoother than ever. Created in 2000, this alliance of airlines from all corners of the globe has created a seamless system enabling you to combine the most convenient routes, book tickets worldwide, enjoy reliable transfer baggage and access airport lounges. In short, flying with SkyTeam airlines gets you from A to B to C (and back) more quickly and comfortably.

Kenya Airways is proud to be the only African partner in the alliance, connecting our continent with the rest of the world alongside the other 19 SkyTeam airlines, linking Nairobi and dozens more African destinations with Asia, Australasia, Europe and the Americas. Want to fly from Kenya – or Cameroon, Comoros or Congo – to Korea, Canada, China or Chile? No problem: by combining your Kenya Airways flight with one or more partner
airlines we can get you there with ease and efficiency. In just two legs from Nairobi you could be riding the waves in Bali, rolling the dice in Vegas or thrilling to a tango in Buenos Aires.

The Experiences

1 Fly to: LAS VEGAS
Play the tables in the glitziest casinos
Enter an alternative reality, a mirage-like city where the Pyramids rub shoulders with the Eiffel Tower, where millions are won and lost on high-stakes games and where you can join the action at the green baize tables with a stake of just a few dollars. Is your game blackjack or roulette? Swap cash for chips and prepare for the thrill of the play.
SkyTeam Partner: Delta

2 Fly to: BRISBANE
Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef
The largest living structure on earth is a coral reef snaking 2300km north from the Tropic of Capricorn to New Guinea – and whether you’re viewing it from above on a sightseeing flight, snorkelling the bommies or diving among colourful clownfish, turtles and sharks, it’s breathtaking. Don’t forget the beaches: the white sands of the Whitsunday Islands are as captivating as the beautiful marine life below the surface.
SkyTeam Partner: Delta, KLM, Korean Air

Save with the Go Africa Pass
Enjoy discounted fares and flexible conditions on flights throughout Africa with the Go Africa Pass. Simply book an international flight to Africa with Kenya Airways (or use a SkyTeam Round the World Pass to get there), then buy from three to 16 flight coupons for use between 45 destinations in Africa. Fares are discounted by up to 75% – and with no minimum stay, and complete flexibility to plan your trip, it’s the perfect way to explore our beautiful continent, for business or pleasure. Find out more at: www.skyteam.com/Flights-and-Destinations/Travel-Passes/Go-Africa

3 Fly to: XI’AN
Stand to attention before the Terracotta Army
Buried for more than two millennia, the vast army of thousands of terracotta warriors and their steeds today stand in ranks in colossal hangars. Constructed in the 3rd century BC to guard the soul of the emperor Qin Shi Huang, this martial marvel is jaw-dropping in its ambition and execution – no two faces are the same.
SkyTeam Partner: China Eastern

Float among the villages of the Mekong Delta
As the ‘River of Nine Dragons’ reaches the South China Sea southwest of Saigon, it spreads its fingers to create one of the world’s largest deltas, verdant with lush ricefields. Board a hand-paddled boat along the canals of this slow-paced region, haggling at a floating market and waving at kids as they dive into the cool water.
SkyTeam Partner: Vietnam Airlines

Learn how to dance the sultry tango
Drama, passion, rhythm – the quintessential dance of Argentina truly captures the soul of the city in which it was born. Listen for tango wafting along the rainbow-coloured streets of La Boca; admire the statue of Carlos Gardel, godfather of tango, outside the Abasto market; take a one-on-one dance course – then head to a milonga (dancehall) in the early hours to try the tango yourself. And when you are ready to relax, head to one of the city’s Parillas for a well deserved steak and glass of delicious red wine.
SkyTeam Partner: Aerolîneas Argentinas

6 Fly to: PRAGUE
Wander cobbled streets of medieval Prague
Step back in time to the Middle Ages in the wonderfully preserved old centre of the Czech capital. Wander the Old Town Square, pausing for the chiming of the famous astronomical clock; amble across the statue-lined Charles Bridge, then climb the slope to the castle – a city-in-miniature complete with palaces, pretty medieval alleys, beautiful artworks and the majestic Gothic St Vitus’s Cathedral.
SkyTeam Partner: CSA Czech Airlines

7 Fly to: TOKYO
Pick up the latest gadgets
In Japan the 22nd century is already here – this is where electronics evolve, and there are always new surprises to discover. Delve into Tokyo’s neon-blazing Akihibara district, where discount electronic outlets rub shoulders with shops selling animé and manga graphic art products, catering to the hordes of otaku (superfans) who flock here.
SkyTeam Partner: Delta, Korean Air

8 Fly to: MADRID
See a match at the Bernabéu
Estadio Santiago Bernabéu isn’t just a football stadium. It’s a temple to the beautiful game, a gladiatorial theatre in which Di Stefano, Puskas, Zidane and two Ronaldos have lit up the Real Madrid team. Any game here is special – but time your visit (and snaffle tickets) for the clasico against arch-rivals Barcelona, or a derby with Atlético Madrid, for an unforgettable feast of football.
SkyTeam Partner: Air Europa

9 Fly to: DENPASAR
Surf alongside Bali temples
The spiritual and the athletic meet at the coast of Indonesia’s most beautiful island, where waves roll in to crash on the shoreline alongside shrines built on the cliff edge. Most famous is Ulu Watu, with legendary left-hand breaks beneath a simple temple on the southernmost peninsula.
SkyTeam Partner: Garuda Indonesia

10 Fly to: NEW YORK
Admire the Manhattan skyline from the Empire State Building
The Big Apple’s iconic edifice rises 443m from Fifth Avenue, offering the essential panorama of New York City. Head to the 86th floor to spy that other art deco gem, the Chrysler Building; the emerald blanket of Central Park; the Brooklyn Bridge and the Hudson River. Get there early (before 10am) to beat the queues, but return for magical nocturnal vistas. www.esbnyc.com
SkyTeam Partner: Delta

11 Fly to: CHENGDU
Grin at a giant panda
White face, black eyes and ears, dopey grin – what could be cuter than a giant panda?
Sadly, wild populations have plummeted to perhaps 2000. You can help by visiting the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, admiring the 80 or so animals ambling around the grounds and chomping bamboo like it’s going out of fashion. www.panda.org.cn/english/
SkyTeam Partner: China Eastern, KLM

12 Fly to: MOSCOW
Be awed by Red Square
Is this the most dramatic city square in the world? To the west of Moscow’s cobble-stoned heart looms the vast fortress of the Kremlin, encompassing cathedrals, the tomb of Tsar Ivan the Terrible and treasures including dazzling Fabergé eggs. And in its centre sprouts a forest of rust-red towers: St Basil’s Cathedral, a Disneyesque fantasy of ten intertwined chapels topped with candy-striped onion domes.
SkyTeam Partner: Aeroflot

13 Fly to: SEOUL
Taste the most flapping-fresh seafood
When you’ve been seduced by the spicy hit of kimchi (fermented cabbage), there’s no going back – Korean cuisine is addictive! For the essential Korean food experience, tackle one of the capital’s fish markets: at Noryangjin, the vast 24-hour wholesale bazaar, surround yourself with marine delectables, then nip upstairs to a string of restaurants and chow down on the freshest seafood.
SkyTeam Partner: Korean Air

14 Fly to: YEREVAN
Browse the markets for apricots and art
Armenia’s ancient monasteries, perched on mountains overlooking deep gorges, are the big draw in this compact Caucasus country – but don’t forget the markets: stall-hop at the vast Vernissage, bartering for wooden flutes, etchings and rugs, and munch your way around the aromatic covered market, tasting baklava, dried apples and oranges stuffed with honey-coated sweetmeats.
SkyTeam Partner: Middle East Airlines

Shake your tail feathers at Carnival
You haven’t been to a real party till you’ve samba-ed your way through Carnival (13-17 February in 2016). Head to Rio for the most dizzying spectacle: join thousands of sparkling, befeathered revellers at the Thursday and Friday parties, then head to the Sambódromo on Sunday and Monday to gaze at dazzling, 20m-high floats in the main parade.
SkyTeam Partner: Air France/Alitalia/KLM