The best intentions

This year you might find your resolutions that little bit easier to achieve if you take to the skies. Here’s where to go on Kenya Airways’ global network to make your new year resolutions a reality

BestIntentionsEvery year as the clock strikes midnight on 31 December people across the globe aim to turn over a new leaf – plan to give up smoking, get fit or ditch the alcohol, promise to spend more time with the ones they love or learn a new skill, endeavour to read more, find a new job or devote more time to themselves. But research carried out by psychologist Dr John Norcross from the University of Scranton, USA, reveals that success rates drop as we move through the year. After two weeks, the success rate is 71 per cent; after one month it has fallen to 64 per cent, and by the time you’re half way through the year the success rate had dropped to 46 per cent.

So, what makes a successful lifestyle change? The first thing is that you need to have a resolution in order to achieve it – a study from the Journal of Clinical Psychology found that people who make resolutions are ten times more likely to alter their behaviour compared to those who don’t have a resolution. You’ll also need willpower, and the good news is that this can be strengthened just as your muscles can be. According to Roy F. Baumeister, co-author of Willpower: Rediscovering the Greatest Human Strength, changing just one habit will improve your willpower over time: the important thing is not to try to make too many changes at once. So, this year, pick just one resolution and you’re likely to be more successful.

Many people find a visual prompt a useful tool for resolution making – every day you’ll literally be faced with your goal. Why not create a vision board? If your aim is to spend time with the family then fill it with photos of the ones you love and ideas for how to spend that time together. If you want to lose weight then find pictures of yourself at a weight you’re happy at, and images of clothes you’d like to be able to fit in. Charting every success along the way is also crucial, no matter how small. Keep a journal and note down the changes you’re making and the results. For smoking, it will only be a matter of days before you feel better and can walk further, so keep track of this.

And if you need some extra support, don’t go it alone. Grab a buddy, be it a friend, co-worker or family member. You don’t even need to have the same goal: you just need to be there to support each other, encourage and applaud one another. Just as important as support is self-belief. It’s time to forget all your past failed resolutions and all the reasons why you feel this time it won’t work. Find that one reason why it’s destined for success and hold on to it and believe in it.

Scheduling times in the year when you focus on your resolutions is another way to ensure that you are sticking to your goals. Booking some time away or planning activities throughout the year can keep those good intentions alive. And there’s nothing like getting your new year resolutions off to a flying start – so take a look at our ideas that follow to find out where to head on Kenya Airways’ network to get ahead of yourself. Good luck!

Spend more time with the family in Paris
You can, of course, spend time with your family anywhere, but Paris has to be a top recommendation, particularly if you want to encourage active family time. In a world first, the French capital has extended its hugely popular Velib (bike-sharing) scheme to include 300 children’s bikes. The P’tit Velib scheme has introduced four different sized bikes – including balance bikes and ones with stabilisers if necessary – which are available to pick up at five green spaces across Paris. What better way to spend time as a family than roaming the city under your own steam?
Further information: Rental points include the Ourcq Canal in the northeast and Bois de Boulogne park in the 16th arrondissement. Costs are no more than €12 a day.
While you’re there: Pay a visit to the pet market at the Île de la Cité, where every Sunday kids can delight at the array of birds, chickens, dwarf rabbits, mice and ferrets.
Dream Destination: Fly KQ’S Dreamliner to Paris

Eat healthily in Johannesburg
If you want to overhaul your health in 2015 then you could do worse than attend one of the one-day raw food seminars run by Soaring Free Superfoods. Designed to get you off to a roaring start, the Raw Programme includes lectures on detoxing and cleansing, what to avoid, why you should eat more raw foods, and getting started, along with useful demonstrations and a range of healthy raw meals to sample. You will also be given access to a free six-month follow-up email support programme to help you to keep motivated once you return home.
Further information: Courses are run regularly across South Africa – several times a year in Cape Town and around three times a year in Johannesburg and Durban. For more information and to register, visit: The course costs R795 per person.
While you’re there: Healthy body + healthy mind = healthy you, so why not team your raw food plan with a spot of yoga? Yoga Warrior, in Gauteng, Johannesburg, offers yoga for beginners, happy yoga, express yoga, Iyengar yoga, open Forrest yoga and more. Visit
Dream Destination: Fly KQ’S Dreamliner to Johannesburg

Quit smoking in Nairobi
There’s a good reason for quitting smoking – within just eight hours your risk of a heart attack has already dropped and by the time you’ve been smoke-free for a year your risk of coronary heart disease is half that of a smoker’s. So, that’s the why – now for the where. Nairobi is home to I Quit Smoking (IQS) Kenya – a pioneering company using auricular therapy. Following a psychological interview a R.I.S.E device is used to deliver small electrical impulses to key areas of the ear lobes. This releases a flow of endorphins, which in turn creates a feeling of vitality. After just one single-hour session, the IQS team say the success rate is up to 90 per cent.
Further information:
While you’re there: Make the most of the fresh air with an outdoor activity – like a trip to
the Elephant Orphanage situated in Nairobi National Park. The orphanage is part of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and if you adopt an orphan for a minimum of US$50 you can visit the orphanage every day at 5pm.

Change careers in London
When you’ve been stuck at a careers crossroads for a while there’s nothing like a new year (and a determination to make this the year you strive for success) to motivate you. But sometimes we need a little help to find our way, so head to London and you can take advantage of the experts at A Life At Work. With career workshops and coaching in London you can find new direction under the guidance of the expert career counsellors. If you’re prepared to travel a little you can even participate in a career retreat and be totally immersed in finding your dream job. These take place at various rural settings in the UK. Actively investing in your career will help you to develop your skills, acquire under-
standing about what motivates you and help you explore where you wish to head.
Further information: Visit for more details. Workshops from £60.
While you’re there: Give your emotional intelligence a boost while in London by taking in one of the classes at The School of Life. They cover a range of topics including networking for introverts, making better decisions and the virtues of modern business.
Dream Destination: Fly KQ’S Dreamliner to London

Get fit in Thailand
If you want to get fit in the new year – and we mean seriously fit – then book yourself into The Fresh Start Thailand Fitness Boot Camp. Novices can book a seven-day retreat, while for those who are truly dedicated there’s a 35-night option. The fitness leaders are all former military, so there’s no slacking allowed, but the programme is varied enough to keep you interested. Highlights include morning power walks past rice paddy fields, a visit to an authentic Muay Thai Gym, climbing the 350 steps of the Doi Suthhep Temple and boot camp circuits of the exercise track nestled in the mango and bamboo grove. Expect to sweat – but also to improve your health and fitness dramatically.
Further information: The all-inclusive, seven-night boot camp includes fitness activities, cultural tours of the local area, meals and snacks, some treatments, accommodation and round-trip airport transfers. Prices start from 41,555 baht. Visit
While you’re there: Show off your new bikini body by hitting the beach. There are more than 5000 miles of beautiful coastline waiting to be discovered. Travel by long-tail boat to see stunning beaches and islands such as Phang Nga Bay or Ko Phi Phi Lee and Koh Tao.
Dream Destination: Fly KQ’S Dreamliner to Bangkok

Rewarding your progress will keep you focused on what you want to achieve, so plan in some little rewards throughout your journey. Here are just three great ideas:
1 Hop on a plane to Dubai and enjoy a shopping spree! Dubai is a shopper’s paradise but it also boasts a great nightlife, gorgeous blue seas and sandy beaches as well as the legendary Arabian hospitality.
2 Book your seat for the Holland Arts Festival where, in Amsterdam, you can enjoy a range of concerts and theatre productions.
3 Experience the culture of  Thailand’s Songkran Festival – or Thai New Year’s Day – on 13 April 2015. Expect to get wet – the tradition is that you sprinkle loved ones with water for good fortune.

Enjoy me time in Mumbai
If your resolution is for more me time then get things off to a flying start by checking into a luxurious spa. The spa at the Four Seasons Hotel, Mumbai is an excellent choice. A spa retreat here will leave you pampered and well and truly indulged. As well as pampering treatments you can also enjoy ayurvedic therapies, detoxing treatments and weight-conscious choices in the restaurant. Or better still, try one of their special Renew to Relive packages. Be it an ‘uplifting calm’ or an ‘invigorating self’ package, the Renew to Relive experience offers a choice to relax or recharge your energies through Yoga, Spa and Cuisine. And don’t forget to follow up the me time once you’re back home by blocking out time in your diary every week or month for a little indulgence, whether that’s a trip to the local spa, a well-earned day trip out or just time to curl up with your favourite magazine.
Further information: For an appointment or more details of the Renew to Relive experience contact The Spa +022 2481 8005 or spareception.mum@fourseasons. com
Sample itinerary:
• Arrive to a stimulating ginger tea
• Engage in a personal consultation with Senior Spa Director Martin Hilton
• Recharge your energy with power yoga and chanting
• Submit yourself to an energising Thai Massage
• Enjoy the spa wet facilities
• Engage in a personal conversation with Executive Chef Hossam Saied for a wellness cuisine therapy.
Cost: US$165 plus taxes
Dream Destination: Fly KQ to Mumbai

Read more in Hong Kong
Hone your love of literature throughout the year and seriously indulge yourself towards the end of the year at the annual Hong Kong International Literary Festival. The event, founded in 2001, is held over ten days and there are a host of activities going on to harness a desire to read better – discussions, debates, literary lunches and dinners, workshops, lectures, book signings and reading. The festival celebrates creative writing in English, with a strong emphasis on books with an Asian connection. Previous literary luminaries who’ve been involved include Louis de Bernières, Yann Martel, Colm Tóibín and Jung Chang. You just might come away with a love for literature and a number of books to add to your ‘must-read’ list.
Further information: Visit for more details and full programme. This year’s writers include Kate Adie, Dorothy Tse, Tash Aw and Lucas Klein.
While you’re there: Take time out to dine at a Michelin-starred restaurant that doesn’t cost the earth. Tim Ho Wan is a dim sum restaurant that has gained the accolade of one
of the cheapest Michelin-starred places to eat. In particular its pork buns come highly recommended.
Dream Destination: Fly KQ to Hong Kong

Keep your resolutions
Jeff Nthiwa, founder of Destiny Life Coaching in Kenya, gives his top tips for success.
1 Create an inspiring vision for your life
Your vision has to be compelling, attractive and exciting to you. That is the first step to keeping a new year resolution. Write down and record your dream vision. Listen to it as often as possible. Don’t forget to be as specific as you can.
2 Have reasons why it is essential to achieve your vision
If your reasons are strong enough, you will achieve it. Make your WHY part of the vision the bit you write down. A resolution is not a wish. You have to decide that no matter what, you will achieve their vision. The ‘why’ is what makes us find a way when there seems to be none.
3 Break your vision down into daily rituals
It’s the little rituals that make us who we are. The big dreams are made up of small consistent daily routines created through strong compelling reasons. Assign time in the day for all your daily rituals and discipline yourself to stick to them.
4 Give your all each day
If every day we can focus on certain daily standards and demand more and more from ourselves without lowering them we are more likely to reach our dream life vision each year. Raise your game every day, week and month and when the year is over you will not only have achieved your dream vision but also have become a better person, which is of greater value.