Every lion counts

Less than two thousand lions are thought to survive in Kenya and numbers are decreasing rapidly, so every individual is important. The Born Free Foundation supports the work of the Ewaso Lion Project

EveryLionCountsConflict with humans poses the main threat to Kenya’s lions – habitat loss and falling numbers of prey cause lions to attack livestock, leading to retaliation from local farmers. A large number of lion attacks occur at night when goats and cattle are kept in bomas.

Born Free has supported the Ewaso Lion Project since 2011. The construction of mobile, reinforced ‘lion-proof’ bomas – enhancing the traditional design with wire mesh and strong poles – improves livestock protection and prevents revenge killings. The Ewaso Lion Project has worked with local communities to resolve conflict and protect lions and other carnivores in Buffalo Springs, Samburu and Shaba National Reserves.

Lost and found
At the end of September, Loeku, a one-year-old lion cub, was discovered alone in Samburu National Reserve, separated from his family. Tourist vehicles had disturbed his pride and they had run off. The Ewaso Lion Project and their team of young Samburu ‘lion warriors’ spent several days searching for Loeku’s pride, which was eventually discovered 10km away. Meanwhile they monitored Loeku as he called and searched for his mother, ensuring he was left undisturbed by tourists. Thankfully on day five a lioness came searching for Loeku and he was reunited with his pride. Since that time Loeku has stayed very close to his mother! Wildlife tourism plays a vital role in sustaining Kenya’s unique biodiversity by providing a crucial economic incentive to safeguard wildlife and the country’s world-renowned protected areas. Ewaso Lions is working with local people to promote responsible, low-impact tourism and good wildlife viewing practices, to reduce the occurrence of such incidences in the future. Born Free is devoted to both captive and wild animal welfare and conservation, and campaigns for greater responsible tourism worldwide.

Find out more
www.bornfree.org.uk/kenya to find out more about lion-proof bomas and Born Free’s work

Conservation status Officially listed as ‘vulnerable’ in East and southern Africa, and ‘endangered’ in Central and West Africa.

African lion decline
1900  – up to 1 million
1980  – 100,000
2014  – as few as 32,000, of which 2,000 are in Kenya

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