Game on!

The 2014 FIFA World Cup is at last upon us. If you like watching sport and enjoy a pint, you’ll be in good company at any of these Nairobi sports pubs and restaurants, says Yoga David

GameOn1 Simba Saloon at The Carnivore
The Carnivore’s Simba Saloon features 18 TV screens, all HD, a mix of 46” and 50” sizes built into and around five themed bars (Dawa Bar, Simba Bar, Heineken Gold Bar, Smirnoff Ngoma Bar and Kichaka Bar), in the Simba Saloon dance floor area and at the Dormans Coffee outlet. The capacity of the bars varies and can easily seat several hundred at one sitting to upwards of over a thousand for special events such as the FIFA World Cup soccer extravaganza. The Simba Saloon has a superb à la carte menu available and there are also Buckets of Beer (five local beers at a discounted rate served in a bucket of ice), as well as the ultimate burger experience – The Tamburger – and The Fully Loaded Tamburger and many more delicious options. Simba Saloon opens seven days a week and evening events start from 5pm until late.

2 La Mesa Espanola
La Mesa Espanola restaurant is a Spanish restaurant located in the Westlands area of Nairobi. During screening of live matches their main offering is Tapas, with a wide variety suitable for both vegans and meat eaters. They mostly offer local beer brands, a variety of good wines, whisky, vodka, rum and many more. They also have a fully stocked bar that can cater to everyone’s choice of drink and keg. Their sports bar can hold up to 35 people, with a 42-inch and a 32-inch TV at different points in the room. The bar opens from 11am and stays open until the last customer has been served.

3 Que Pasa Bar & Bistro
Que Pasa is a busy, friendly neighbourhood bar and restaurant located in Karen, Nairobi, offering locals and visitors alike an informal place to eat, drink, lounge and relax. The restaurant area has a 42-inch TV and can comfortably sit 30 people during live screenings. Opening hours are from 9am all the way to 1am.

4 Tipuana Gardens
Tipuana Gardens located in Karen has impressive facilities that include a restaurant with a cosy lounge, deck and patio seating. Two VIP lounges with TVs for private viewing and special meetings may also cater to special groups. They also have an airy outside area with a big screen for those who may prefer to enjoy some outdoor screening. Tipuana opens seven days a week, serving lunch from midday to 3pm and dinner from 6-10pm. Their Bar/Lounge has competitive pricing and is open until late.

5 Tamambo at Village Market
Tamambo Sports Bar boasts five Samsung TVs, all of them 50-inch. Their sports bar holds a capacity of 80 people and they also provide additional screens when popular events are taking place. Opening times are from 6pm to midnight and for events such as the FIFA World Cup they open until later.