HR-Lifestyle_6_S7-edgeWhat to expect from the cutting edge of consumer electronics this season

Group test: Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
We put the two new flagship Android phones to the test…
Both phones are water resistant and cut from aluminium, but the S7 Edge wins out with its curved screen – the ‘edges’ even provide always available shortcuts to most used apps and features.
The Edge’s larger 5.5-inch screen is great if you’re used to phablets like the Samsung Galaxy Note or Apple iPhone 6s Plus – surprisingly it’s also 3mm thinner than the more compact 5.1-inch S7.
Battery life
With a larger 3600mAh battery, the S7 Edge should see you through more of the day than the 3000mAh cell on the S7. Unfortunately, neither phones’ batteries are removable – unlike that of the LG G5.
That extra screen real estate and software will cost you: the S7 Edge starts at around US$790 off-contract, compared to US$670 for the smaller, but just as fast, S7.

LG latest news: the G5
LG’s latest smartphone is a top of the line Android device with a huge 5.3-inch screen with two cameras on the back. Its USPs are the accessories that bolt right onto the device, changing its shape and function. Since the phone is modular, you can swap out clip-on gadgets to give it super powers, from an enhanced camera with a grip and extra battery to a hi-fi add-on supplied by Bang & Olufsen for top notch audio on the go. You’ll even be able to strap on a pair of special virtual reality goggles with the G5, or control a camera-equipped robot. Star Wars’ BB-8 Droid has nothing on this.

App of the month: ROKO+ (Android)
Cable and satellite TV is fast becoming a thing of the past in Africa, with even the most affordable phones now able to stream video on the go. Canal+ and iROKO have just launched a brand new app catering to the Francophone audience across Africa, which offers a huge 1500 hours of content for you to watch, wherever. New Nollywood films from Nigeria’s film industry as well as télénovelas are available to binge watch and you can download in advance.

Prosumer tablet: Huawei MateBook
First the Microsoft Surface Pro, then the Apple iPad Pro; prosumer tablets with keyboard cases are ‘in’ right now. Now Chinese gadget maker Huawei is joining the party with this 6.9mm thin, 12-inch Windows tablet that doubles up as a laptop thanks to its fold out QWERTY keyboard case. This one’s designed with PowerPoint pros and presenters in mind, as the touchscreen stylus even comes with a laser pointer built-in. Prices start at US$699 for the base model, but a version with a hefty 8GB of RAM and faster Intel Core M7 processor will set you back US$1599.