HR-Kindle_Oasis_device_only_US_Page1_00F_RGB-1What to expect from the cutting edge of consumer electronics this season

Gadget review: Kindle Oasis
Amazon’s new e-reader is its oddest, and at US$289.99, its most expensive Kindle yet. But it’s also the best one too, a real powerhouse built for bookworms. Its asymmetric design means your hand will never obscure the text on screen, and it’s so thin and light – just 131 grams and 3.4mm thin – you’ll barely even notice it’s there. Best of all is the smart battery case that comes in the box and provides extra charge – enough, in fact, for your Kindle to remain on standby for well over a year. A luxury device, albeit at a luxury price.

App of the month: Get fueled up for the FueledUp App
In many African countries, queuing for fuel has become commonplace, but one enterprising coder in Nigeria is hoping to use the power of smartphones to help shoppers cut the lines in times of shortage. 24-year-old Subomi Owo-Odusi’s new app, FueledUp, works by monitoring fuel availability in your area of Lagos, and simply lets you order fuel through your phone, which is then brought directly to you. “This will take away a lot of the pain and pressure and stress of people waiting for hours,” he says. Here’s hoping other entrepreneurs can follow suit across the continent.

News from Apple: iPhone SE slims iOS down
Apple’s got a brand new smartphone, but this one bucks the trend of bigger and better – by going for smaller and better instead. The iPhone SE sports a similar design and 4-inch screen size to 2012’s iPhone 5, which iOS fans with smaller digits or a preference for one handed use will love after several iterations of the iPhone 6 and its sweeping 4.7-inch display. It’s still every bit as powerful as its bigger brothers, mind, with a super-fast A9 processor and the same excellent 12 megapixel camera. The iPhone SE is on sale now.

Latest from HTC: HTC 10 takes on the titans
The iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge may have the edge in the market right now, but don’t count out HTC. The Taiwanese manufacturer has been overlooked in recent years, but unfairly if you ask us: its new smartphone is one of the most powerful yet. With a 5.2-inch display, it’s much larger than the iPhone SE, and it comes running a different operating system too, the all-new, revamped Android 6 from Google. Rounding off the package is a 12 megapixel rear camera capable of shooting 4K video, and a super- sharp 5MP front camera too – perfect for selfies.