msafiri takes a peek over the cutting edge…

TechWATCHHoney, I blew up the iPhone: Wafer thin
Apple’s new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus models are the biggest it’s ever released. At around 7mm deep they’re wafer-thin, but the screen size of the smaller model alone stretches a huge 4.7-inches. Apple’s crashing the phablet market too with the iPhone 6 Plus, which packs a massive 5.5-inch full HD display – that’s not far off the size of an iPad mini, meaning if you’re an iOS fan this might be the only device you’ll ever need.

Get smart
Apple has a new watch out next year, but it’s not alone. A host of rivals including LG, Samsung, Motorola, Asus and Sony have all revealed their own takes on the smartwatch, but they all work in a similar way: they connect via Bluetooth to your smartphone and deliver messages, emails and alerts straight to your wrist. You can also dictate messages to them, schedule alerts and more, thanks to today’s powerful voice recognition technology. Battle lines have already been drawn however: the Apple Watch works only with an iPhone, and almost all of the rest (including LG’s G Watch R) run Android Wear, meaning you’ll have to have a Google Android smartphone to use them. Time to take sides.

4K is coming
Forget HD – the age of Ultra HD is here. This autumn tech’s biggest manufacturers including Sharp, LG and Samsung announced huge (think 70-inch) new TVs packing 4K resolution – four times as sharp as a full HD TV. Expect it to take a few years to trickle down to sizes that will fit in most living rooms, but rest assured it’ll be worth the wait: even up close, 4K is like looking through a window.

There’s a new Nintendo in town
As if anticipating Apple’s latest phones, Nintendo’s just laid down its own argument for dedicated handheld gaming consoles in the shape of the ‘new’ Nintendo 3DS. This version of the twin-screen micro arcade machine is faster, with a slick new design, and packs an unexpected second thumbstick bringing it closer in line with the controllers on today’s home consoles. It’s out in Japan already, but expect to see it rolling out worldwide next year.