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Gadgets_TortilisFigure it out: Tortilis Camp, Amboseli NP

On 1 June Tortilis Camp in Amboseli National Park began to operate on 100% solar power, 24 hours a day using 190 solar panels powering 48 batteries, each weighing 216kg. The additional solar power will save the camp approximately 28,000 litres of diesel a year. As well as their eco-friendly credentials, Tortilis is involved in the recruitment and training of local Maasai men as game scouts as well as other initiatives vital to the ecosystem’s future.

Great idea: A camper-car in a suitcase
Sleep under the stars in the comfort of your own car. Turn your vehicle into a motorhome with the RoomBox® freeTech. Thanks to the ingenious folding concept of its Swiss-made system, in just five minutes, a car turns into a camper for sleeping, cooking and eating. Over 50% of the cars on the world market are compatible with the new RoomBox® freeTech, so there’s no excuse not to get out into the great outdoors for your next holiday! Prices from €1645 to €2220 (plus VAT).

Silver surfers
“The travel industry has a vested interest in ensuring Silver Surfers get to do what they’ve saved up for all their lives to do: see the world, and enjoy the journey,” says aviation writer Marisa Garcia. That’s why Boeing are patenting ideas such as a self-guided mobile seat that scans tickets and transports travellers to their gate via GPS.
Marisa Garcia Tweets as @designerjet