A warm welcome to you aboard Kenya Airways.

We’re delighted to feature Kenya Airways’ latest destination in this issue of msafiri. Abu Dhabi is the second Middle Eastern city served by the airline and is not only a great destination for business but also offers an exciting range of attractions, including the pace-setting Ferrari World. See pages 78 to 85 for our top 10 must-sees.

With over 60 destinations, Kenya Airways takes its commitment to the environment very seriously. In a scheme set up in collaboration with Wildlife Works, you can offset your carbon emissions on any flight taken with the airline. Read about all the good work that is being done with the proceeds from this programme on pages 50 to 56. It’s simple to take part in the scheme and it’s good to know that you can enjoy seeing the world with Kenya Airways and help to safeguard its future at the same time.

A boost in the number of flights to the Kenyan city of Eldoret will be available during this busy season. Home to many of Kenya’s top runners, this high-altitude area in the Rift Valley is becoming famous the world over as several top athletes from other countries also choose to train there. Many of these athletes will be in action at the World Championships in Russia next month, and msafiri is delighted to bring you its own preview of the games. Who will you be watching? Will you be cheering for one of Africa’s heroes? Find out who they are and what their latest form is on pages 58 to 67.

As well as being proud of Africa’s athletes, in this issue, msafiri celebrates some of the continent’s most iconic products, from footwear and clothing right through to helicopters and electric cars! Anver Versi reveals his choices on pages 92 to 100. Not to be outdone, technology writer, Vincent Matinde, picks his top five inventions of the future. It’s hard to imagine that we might all be wearing our portable devices rather than holding them in our hands. Intrigued? Then flick through to pages 106 to 111, to read more. Enjoy your flight!

The Msafiri Team