Some say that future wars will be fought over it. Some believe it is the answer to the energy needs of our planet. Some have too much of it and some not enough.

Water. In this special water-themed edition we examine some of these issues and more, and discover new ways of harnessing its energy, and innovations that could change the lives of millions, including new desalination techniques and solar-powered-pumps that could bring water to remote rural communities (H2Oh! making water do amazing things). On a lighter note, we explore some ingenious waterproof gadgets, and we invite you to delve into our packed Habari pages, where you can check out the latest designer swimwear in our marketplace (pages 42-44 of the printed mag) and read an interview with one of Africa’s favourite swimmers, Chad le Clos (Talking Point), as well as finding out just why drinking enough water is so important for your health (Miracle drink).

You can fly Kenya Airways to numerous coastal or lakeside destinations – read about Blantyre, KQ’s newest destination in Malawi, the landlocked country famous for its beautiful lake; learn about life below the waters off Kenya’s incredible coral coast, or delve into our special business guide to one of the world’s great coastal cities, Hong Kong. But if business is not your reason for travel, then surely the sensational swimming pools featured in our ‘Infinity and beyond’ feature will inspire you to rush out and book your next flight aboard the Pride of Africa. We hope to see you again soon. Enjoy your flight.