Meet the animals

The Born Free Foundation is protecting wildlife all around the world and now the wildlife charity needs YOU

Ewok-with-his-mum-Emily-Kate-can-you-spot-his-tusksBorn Free’s big baby is really starting to grow up – if you look closely you can see his tusks emerging.

Two-year old Ewok lives with his young mother, Emily Kate, and their extended family in Amboseli National Park. The park nestles at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s tallest mountain. One of Kenya’s best-loved and visited parks, Amboseli is home to over 1300 elephants, including the world-famous EB’s. Born Free has helped Cynthia Moss and the Amboseli Trust for Elephants keep them safe since 1992.

For many years the EB family was led by Ewok’s grandmother Echo and featured in the acclaimed BBC TV series Echo of the Elephants. Now, by watching his relations, Ewok is learning how to use his trunk and foot to break off grass, and how to dig up nutritious underground grass roots. But like all baby elephants, his favourite activity is to play. He has a range of playmates but especially likes rough and tumble sparring matches with the boys!

Meanwhile in Niger the world’s tallest family is growing. Born Free is working with the Giraffe Conservation Foundation to protect a precious population of West African giraffes. Just a few hundred remain; they are the rarest giraffes in the world. Conflict with people can be a big problem.

Unfortunately giraffes love to eat human food like mango and beans – the team works hard to stop crop raiding and help giraffes and communities live happily together. Now numbers of giraffe seem to be increasing well.

For four long years in Ethiopia Dolo the lion  was kept on a 1m chain in a wooden shack. Thin and lonely, his mane was rubbed off by the chain and his desolate roar echoed around the town. Wild animals belong in the wild and never make good pets.

Born Free rescued Dolo, who now shares a spacious bush enclosure with Safia, a young rescued lioness. They will always rely on human care and live at the wildlife charity’s rescue centre close to Addis Ababa. Both big cats have recovered from their ordeals and enjoy life rolling in the sandy soil, sunbathing in the grass, exploring the dense undergrowth or lying beneath the shady acacia trees.

You can adopt Ewok the baby elephant, the giraffe family or Dolo the lion by visiting – adoption includes a personalised gift pack, cuddly toy and regular magazine updates. The perfect way to show how much you care this Christmas!