Nairobi Notebook

Jackson Biko is our man about town

NotebookFor the love of Landrover!
They call themselves the Bundu Rovers Club. These are chaps who swear by the Land Rover. They meet regularly and take their Land Rovers out to play in the wild. Then they stick their heads in the hoodies and talk about pistons and torque. Then they drive back, dusty and satisfied. It’s fun and enviable and if you have a Land Rover go on, join them.

All the chicken you can eat
How much chicken can you eat? I’m talking baked chicken wings, grilled lemongrass chicken, honey basted grilled chicken, spicy chicken sausages – all the chicken you can think. How much can you eat before you fall off your seat? Carnivore Simba Salon want to know. They have thrown the gauntlet at your feet every Tuesday from 6pm to 10pm. And for only Ksh990 per person. Tel: +254 20 6002764

Flame Tree Restaurant & Bar
It’s the one at Sarova Panafric. Every Friday they have a band, Pressmen Band (from the ’80s), belting out some oldies-but-goodies. It’s a lovely ambience for dinner and a cocktail later. Sit at the bar if you aren’t up to having dinner. Tel: +254 20 276 7000

Sending parcels using your mobile phone
Kind of… Stumbled on these chaps. You want to run some small errands (like pick up/drop off a parcel, pay bills) but you just don’t have the time? So you download this app, Sendy, that will enable you to key in pick-up/drop-off points, check out costs and track delivery in real time. Tel: +254 728 561783 |