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Purdy-ArmsJackson Biko is our man about town

Purdy Arms
It’s December. You want a bar that is homely and has a terrace that overlooks a lovely garden. A garden you can take a walk in, maybe even run with your dog or your kids. You want a bar that has a jukebox. Or maybe you want a quiet, intimate place to stay in because hotels are just too boring. A place with art and a balcony. A place that overlooks Ngong Hills (if the clouds cooperate). I think you are looking for Purdy Arms. It’s charming and quirky. And sixteen years ago it used to be a rehab centre. I kid you not.

Day trip – must visit!
Check out – it’s at the foot of Kilima Kiu Hill (‘black hill’), about one-and-a-half hours’ drive from Nairobi. Kilima Kiu Manor is a boutique country home that belonged to a famous rancher, Sir Frank Joyce, who came to Kenya in 1911.

Eat all you can
It seems everybody goes on half-board during holidays. Who knows who invented this rule. To test this culture, Sarova Whitesands Beach Resort and Spa has introduced a Christmas festive product which allows all guests to eat anything and everything they want at their Pavilions Restaurant.

Cycling for cancer
Shaira Adamali, 59, founder of Faraja Cancer Support Trust, successfully completed a 350km cycling journey from Moshi, Tanzania to the chilly picturesque hills of Ngorongoro with the aim of raising money to fight cancer. This isn’t the first time the initiative took place in East Africa – the first bike ride challenge took place four years ago when Ms Adamali and six other cyclists raised £88,000 to support the treatment of needy patients who sought palliative care at Faraja Cancer Trust.
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