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SautiSolJackson Biko is our man about town

Sauti Sol
They played for (and danced with) President Obama. That says everything there is to be said about how significant Sauti Sol is in the regional musical circles. Now they have a new album out called (aptly) Live and Die In Afrika. It’s a 15-track that features a more reflective Sauti Sol, contemplative of their motherland. The cover says it all.

Jameson craft beer anyone?
That doesn’t make sense, does it? The folk at Jameson collaborated with Big Five Breweries to produce a distinct craft beer brewed in the unique Jameson oak whiskey barrel. You’ll have to try it yourself because I’m no beer drinker. The folk who tasted it shook their hands and said it was something – and something is good.

New brand on old wine
Leleshwa Wines sent me a bottle with a note: “We have rebranded.” I asked why? They told me: “We wanted to capture time and space when we grew our first vineyards in Kenya 20 years ago. Apart from proving that vines can grow on the equator, the rebrand shows our confidence in competing with global brands.” I’ll drink a toast to that!

Villa Rosa Kempinski, The Spa
The small Thai masseuse will slip into the room filled with music and scents. You will be face down, staring at the petals in a pot below, so you will only feel her firm, searching and kneading hands, seeking your troublesome muscles and the stresses from January. The music will blend with their natural oils. Your muscles will eventually succumb. So will your eyes. You might doze off. No, you will doze off. You will later wake up and find some herbal tea waiting. Which you will drink as you sit on your bed, half naked, half awake and fully alive. • Tel: +254 20 360 3126

A book for February
The book: Rainbows in my Clouds. The author: Radhika Lee, Founder, Nairobi International School. Why should you read it? It’s about falling down, lying flat and rising somehow. Plus the proceeds will help a cancer patient.