Nairobi Notebook

Jackson Biko is our man about town

DefenderOld favourite
The Defender is the Land Rover that really knew Africa. But its time is up. Production of the Defender stops next year. Fancy joining in a competition to celebrate Land Rover’s 65-year reign in Africa? Yes? Then dig into your family albums, retrieve your oldest picture of a Land Rover, post it on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, with details of when and where it was taken (tag yourself #myKENYAmyLandRover) and win a chance to go to South Africa to test drive their newest Jaguar and Land Rover models on Kyalami race track.

He’s a local chief from Lanet, Nakuru. He’s one of the few local administrators who use social media for community policing and he tweets in Kiswahili mostly. It could be about a lost goat or a rogue bull. Hilarious tweets, but very useful.

House of Waine
It’s like a safari in the city. Lush gardens. Silence. Birds. It’s one kilometre from the Karen Blixen Museum and about 5.6 kilometres from the Giraffe Centre in case you get bored. But you won’t. Unless you find luxury and silence disconcerting. This is one of the best places to disappear from Nairobi without leaving town.

Tastiest website?
You need food.
The whole family.
All craving different menus from different restaurants.
This new website will sort you out: log on, find your restaurant, make your order and have it delivered to your doorstep anywhere in Nairobi within the hour. All for a very small charge, of course.

Save the African Heritage House
This house contains a rare art collection from all over Africa. It’s in danger of being demolished and needs your signature in a petition:

Blankets & wine
It started as East Africa’s premier musical experience. Now it’s dedicated to the arts,
showcasing Kenyan designers, artists and other creatives. Good weekend fun.
Date: 7 September | Time: 1pm to 7pm | Where:
Carnivore Gardens  |