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Our design columnist Wanjiku Nyoike-Mugo picks a selection of her favourite luxury products this season

1 Box Top
If you get it right, the crop top is sexy, chic and sophisticated all at the same time – and this grey box top doesn’t disappoint. There are plenty of ways to style a crop top so that you are showing only a demure hint of skin, and not your whole stomach. Pair with high-waisted pants or skater skirt and kitten heels and you’re good to go.
Designed by Ikojn (US$63)

2 Wash bag
Transport your grooming essentials in this sophisticated leather wash bag by up and coming Kenyan accessory designer Eleleck. Crafted with the finest leather to combine durability and functionality, this wash bag is simple, classic and strong. It’s also generously proportioned enough to store all your toiletries for your next trip.
Designed by Eleleck (US$84)

3 Purple Hearts Shopper Bag
Extremely useful, strong and convenient, this beautiful shopper bag is exactly what you need for a weekend trip. The canvas and kanga combination adds a touch of beach vibe wherever you end up. These bags are handmade in Diani, Kenya with natural and local materials. Canvas and Kangas design these pieces so that each has their own individuality. So, what are you waiting for? Get yours and get packing!
Designed by Canvas and Kangas (US$62)

The Kiondo
The most timeless fashion pieces are often the most versatile, and the kiondo bag is a Kenyan classic. Wear it your way…
It’s clear that the traditional hand-woven sisal bag, known as the kiondo in Kenya, has made its mark into modern fashion style edits and we love it. No longer only serving the purpose of carrying tools of the trade for the farm or fruits and vegetables from the market, these bags are making a strong statement. This season, we believe you can easily own and incorporate one into your wardrobe. Be it work, social or a quick supermarket run, find the bag that works for you and make your own statement this season. Pictured is Ivy Nitta with her own design Kiondoo Kulture bags, showing you how to style it.

Shikhazuri is the combination of the designer’s name, Shikha (which means tip of the flame in Hindi), and zuri (which means beautiful in Kiswahili). Her dual heritage and globetrotting lifestyle is reflected in her design aesthetic, aimed at the woman whose style is inspired and impacted by diverse influences globally. As you browse her shop online you will see how each piece tells a different story, making each piece unique.
http://shikhazuri.com/ Image ©Shikhazuri

African fashion comes to the UK
The first major UK exhibition dedicated to contemporary African fashion can be viewed at Brighton Museum and Art Gallery until January 2017. ‘Fashion Cities Africa’ explores fashion and style from four cities at the compass points of the African continent: Casablanca, Lagos, Nairobi and Johannesburg. In 2015, staff from the museum and African fashion specialists Hannah Azieb Pool and Helen Jennings explored the different fashion scenes in Africa. Now, Pool aims to correct the misconceptions about African fashion capturing the breadth and depth of the continent’s style.