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HR-br2Jackson Biko is msafiri’s man about town

Jewels by Angeline
Try out Angeline’s jewellery. She started making jewels in order to feel happy. So she made them with bursts of colour and from beads that she said “looked happy”. She only wants you to own them if you are the kind of person who gives happiness a chance. And why wouldn’t you give happiness a chance?    Tel: +254 720 713761

Capoeira Angola dance classes
There are classes for anything in Nairobi, it seems. If you are wondering where to learn Capoeira Angola dance (the Afro-Brazilian martial art of cunning agility, music and dance) there are classes at YMCA Hostels every Tuesday and Thursday.  Tel: 0710 551 721; Email: capokenya@gmail.com

Eastland Hotel on Ring Road, Hurlingham, isn’t known well. The people who do know it think it’s a Chinese hotel. It’s not. It has Chinese directors, yes, and you will see that influence in the hotel decor, but it’s really a small business hotel with excellent food, a modest and efficient conference facility and a casino next door. They have a bar terrace great for an evening tea. Or a beer.  Email: info@eastlandhotel.co.ke  www.eastlandhotel.co.ke

Burger festival
There is never any excuse to start a festival in Nairobi, is there? Well, between 30 May and 5 June, Nairobi will have its first burger festival in various eateries around town.  www.eatout.co.ke

Sunday plan?
The Village Market mall in Gigiri has a movie night on Sundays at their food court. Another excuse to grab a beer on a Sunday. Sigh.

Chase Bank wants you to know that they are turning 20 this year. They are all over the Internet, making noise about surviving teenagehood.