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HR-HLT_NB_35_RGBJackson Biko is msafiri’s man about town

Night out – Beer, football, big screen
You have beer buckets, about six pieces. There are tap nights on draft beers. There is African jazz spilling from the speakers, but sometimes there is a live band featuring an in-house DJ playing the best old school music, or pop. The mood is set. Now something to eat. Where is that waiter? Right. Goat ribs please, and maybe some African sausages for my friend here in a bad jacket. I’m sorry, what’s that? You offer complimentary Jockey combo snacks with each beer bucket? Well, how about that Jockey Pub!
That’s the Jockey Pub at the Hilton Hotel. You go there and you feel like you just discovered it.  Tel: +254 20 2288000

Media – Bloggers of Kenya
Blogging is taking off in Kenya. The Blogger Association of Kenya Awards recently took place in Nairobi where winners in 19 categories were announced. Some excellent blogs were recognised. Blogs you might want to check out:
www.lifeinmombasa.com – showcasing Mombasa through the eyes of a local; it’s got lovely smells and sounds and sights.
www.kaluhiskitchen.com – bursting with aromatic colours of local dishes and recipes.
www.safari254.com – cataloguing local destinations.
www.luciamusau.com – the new fashion blogger, resplendent and regal.
www.mzalendo.com – because we are a political country.
www.benkiruthi.com – capturing lovers tying the bond in a most magnificent way.
To see more of the winning blogs log onto www.blogawards.co.ke

Lunch – Serena, Nairobi
Of course you might have had lunch at the Serena’s Maghreb. Most people have. They are consistent. But sometimes consistency might breed boredom, right? Boredom might just grow on consistency like fungus on a damp wall. So, a few suits (headed by Executive Chef Roy) gathered in the kitchen by the oven and said, “Fellas, we need to jazz up our menu.” They decided to cleverly use local ingredients to bring fresh flavours and variety. They introduced more salads. Some Rwandan infusions also found their way into the buffet. Then they ended it with new desserts.