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HR-Le_Kasri_Set4-1009_MG_28Jackson Biko is msafiri’s man about town

Designer with a twist: Le’ Kasri
Let it be known that you heard about Le’ Kasri here first. Louis Boyi is the name of the designer. He started Le’ Kasri in 2014 to craft bespoke menswear because “the art of wearing suits is dying around us”. His designs show strength, stature and style. His latest collection ‘Meet The Kings’ is inspired by past African leaders like Mensa Musa, Nzinga Mpemba and Shamba Bolongongo among others.   www.lekasri.com

Eat Meat with Mexicans!
You want to knock back tequila with the best? Then do it with the Mexicans. Try the Mexican Night at the Nairobi Hilton every Thursday evening. There’s a sizzling barbecue with spit-grilled meats served straight to your plate from a sword-sized skewer at their pool restaurant. There are also salads (to ease your conscience from all the meat).

Want French pastries?
Le Grenier à Pain has come to Nairobi! We are talking traditional ovens visible to the public; the best locally sourced ingredients; a dedicated artisanal French baking tradition. Michel Galloyer first opened the chain’s doors in Angers, France in 1998. They now have 30 branches across the globe from Paris to Tokyo. For the first time, Le Grenier à Pain will be available on the African continent with the opening in Nairobi under the stewardship of Yan Welffens. Try out their croissants – now ready to take your order online.  www.legrenierapain.co.ke

Nest collective
Delve into Nairobi’s art scene and you will come across many people doing exciting things, such as the Nest Collective – a “small army of thinkers, makers and believers”. They engage in film, fashion and the spoken word by exploring troubled modern identities. Their recent web series is called Tuko Macho.  www.thisisthenest.com