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FoodSuperfood: Spirulina
What is it? A tropical alga that grows in saline lakes in over a dozen African countries. It’s a staple in Chad where it’s known as dihe.
Special properties Spirulina has been used to stem malnutrition. Gram for gram, it has been hailed as the most nutrient-rich ‘plant’ available.
Secret ingredients The alga contains all eight amino acids and is 60-70% protein. Rich in iron, enzymes, vitamins, phytonutrients and minerals, Spirulina’s high chlorophyll content accounts for its potent anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting effects.

Sweet thing
The world’s greatest chocolate show returns to London from 17 to 19 October with exhibitions, tastings, demonstrations, talks and hands-on workshops from the world’s top chocolatiers – plus a fashion show with couture outfits made entirely out of chocolate.
Olympia, London www.thechocolateshow.co.uk

Review: Restaurant Vinkeles
Amsterdam is famous for many things but food probably isn’t one of them. In the case of Dennis Kuipers’ Michelin-starred restaurant, that’s something of a shame. The Dylan Hotel combines great history with stylish modernity, and Kuipers has a similar attitude to food, which is best described as French traditional with a contemporary twist. The standout dish? Pommes Tsarine, a combination of crème fraîche, potato puree and Oscietra caviar that sounds underwhelming but is the ultimate in luxury comfort eating.
Restaurant Vinkeles, The Dylan Hotel, Amsterdam | www.vinkeles.com
Review from The Bluffer’s Guide to Food (www.bluffers.com) by Neil Davey, available in print and ebook format.