Paul Udoto brings us the latest wildlife news

flamingoesNakuru deepens
Lake Nakuru National Park is experiencing the unique phenomenon of rising water, to levels last experienced over 60 years ago. The depth of the lake has reached 6.1 metres, leading to a submersion of 15 sq km of terrestrial habitat. This has reduced the salinity of the water, thereby rendering the aquatic habitat unsuitable for flamingoes. For the first time, however, the lake is displaying regular waves, a new tourist attraction.

Symbolising hope
United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has ‘adopted’ a six-month-old lion cub in Kenya and named her ‘Tumaini’ (the Swahili word for ‘hope’) as a sign of support for efforts against the trafficking of animals around the world and as a token of his concern for KWS rangers. The lioness had been found abandoned in Nairobi National Park.

Ready for action
A total of 566 rangers have been deployed in various poaching hotspots after intensive paramilitary training at the KWS Law Enforcement Academy. They were recruited after training at the National Youth Service and had been on nation-building duties.

Last road of the indomitable lions?
Conservationists have warned that lions may become extinct in Kenya within the next 20 years unless urgent action is taken to save them. Kenya has been losing an average
of 100 of its 2000 lions every year due to poisoning, growing human settlements, increased farming, climate change and disease. Act now to save Kenya’s lions for future generations. Visit: www.bornfree.org.uk/campaigns/big-cats/take-action/

Elite rangers recruited   
“As one of the eight countries that were requested to do so, we (Kenya) provided feedback on the activities we have undertaken to implement our national ivory action plan. Among other things, we have recruited elite rangers and revised our national legislation, which now makes provision for strong deterrent penalties. Some people still think that a tusk just falls off an elephant… They don’t know how these animals are being slaughtered to satisfy illegal markets.”