Flying with our partners

SkyteamlogoWelcome to SkyTeam – a great alliance that offers quality, efficiency 
and a unique worldwide network, for both passengers and cargo

SkyTeam is proud to announce that its alliance-wide programme for Premium customers is about to be completed throughout the alliance’s extensive network: 80% of stations have implemented the service by November 2013.

By the end of the year all 19 member airlines will have the programme in place, and nearly all 1000 airports served by SkyTeam will be covered.

Furthermore, the alliance has just implemented dedicated SkyPriority counters at baggage desks in arrivals halls of all hubs. In addition, member airlines are also working on new initiatives that will be integrated into SkyPriority, such as priority seating on board and priority access to call centres.

SkyPriority: a unique concept in the airline industry, created with the main objective of providing Premium passengers with a seamless, hassle-free and smooth travel experience throughout the world.

Soon all SkyTeam member airlines’ frequent flyer programmes will include extensive information about SkyPriority in the welcome packages sent to customers when they become Elite Plus members. This way, they will be fully informed of all the wide range of benefits they will be entitled to with their new membership status.