Full Polio Vaccine for passengers to india

PolioKQ announced to its customers that from 14 February 2014 all travellers from Kenya to India will now be required to be fully vaccinated against polio

This follows the introduction of new regulations by the Government of India. In addition to completing a full course vaccination against polio, preferably with Oral Polio Vaccine (OPV), travellers from Kenya entering India will also be required to have received an additional dose of OPV at least six weeks before they travel. This full course of vaccination will be valid for one year. All travellers from Kenya will now be required to have, in their possession, a written record of vaccination (patient-retained record) for polio, preferably using IHR 2005 International Certificate of Vaccination of Prophylaxis from a hospital or centre administering OPV that is authorised by the Government of the Republic of Kenya.