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Interview: Mama Rocks!
Samantha and Natalie Mwedekeli, the sibling duo behind Mama Rocks Gourmet Burger, were born to a Nigerian mother and Kenyan father and raised in London. They chose to use the burger, a food that everyone around the world could relate to, and Africanise it. It’s “a fusion of cultures and a celebration of Africa through the medium of food”, they say.

Q Why the name Mama Rocks?
Growing up, our mother’s cooking always rocked.

Q What is a gourmet burger?
At Mama Rocks, our burgers are gourmet because every aspect of the burger is given special attention with no shortcuts and absolutely no nasties.

Q How do you come up with the burger names?
Africa is so diverse in terms of its people and the flavours associated with each region. This allowed us to use our wild imaginations to characterise each burger and come up with really creative and tongue-in-cheek names. We thought, if this burger was a person what would they be like? What would their story be and how would they make you feel?

Q What should Kenyans expect from Mama Rocks?
We’re a brand with a strong message! We are championing and challenging what it means to be African and encouraging people to explore and celebrate it. Aside from the great food, Mama Rocks aspires to be a platform for artistic talent.

Movie review: Eye in the Sky
Eye in the Sky is a counter terrorism film set in Nairobi. Dame Helen Mirren stars as Colonel Katherine Powell, a military officer commanding an operation from England to capture terrorists in Kenya. Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul is a drone pilot stationed in Las Vegas with his unmanned plane swooshing over Kenyan skies awaiting Col. Katherine’s orders to strike. As he is about to engage, a nine-year-old girl enters the kill zone, triggering an international dispute. With the help of nifty little all-seeing military toys, everyone’s eyes – from bases in England to Las Vegas – are on Nairobi.

What’s on in June?
1-5 Nairobi Burger Festival 2016
Get ready for the first ever Nairobi Burger Festival.

3 Hilton Tower Charity Race 2016, Hilton Hotel
Discover the iconic Hilton Nairobi tower like you never have before.

11 The Cake Festival, Kenya Wildlife Service Headquarters
Meet Kenya’s finest bakers offering over 200 varieties of cake to sample and buy.

11 Mercedes-Benz Fashion, Sankara Hotel
Jamie Media brings you the first edition of Mercedes-Benz Fashion show to be held at Sankara. Showcasing designers from all walks of life.

18 Chronixx Africa Soul Circle Tour, Nairobi
Chronixx music will be rocking the continent.