Meet the customer

HR-John-Sears-John Sears is a frequent flyer with Kenya Airways, msafiri asked him about his business and his experience of flying with the airline

Tell us about your consulting business?
My business is in specialised hotel consulting. We work with independent hotel owners to develop high style, independent, luxury lifestyle hotels with extraordinary food and beverage offerings. We are at the other end of the spectrum of commercial consulting firms that work with financial institutions and commodity-type Hilton, Marriott and Radisson hotels.

Where do you regularly fly to with Kenya Airways?
Nairobi via Amsterdam – London, Paris, Dubai, Bangkok.

How frequently do you need to fly for your work?
I live in Utah and California and most of our hotel projects are in Africa, South America, Eastern Europe, and Southeast Asia. That requires flight movement around 45 weeks per year.

Why do you choose to fly with Kenya Airways? 
It is good to support the local businesses where we have projects. It is also beneficial that KQ is in the SkyTeam network.

What do you like about KQ?
KQ still has the culture of a hospitality business. Without mistake, their priority is in serving the traveller for an enjoyable travelling experience. That basic foundation of the airlines is questionable with many of the other major carriers.

What are your tips for aspiring entrepreneurs or young business people?
The world is rather small. Don’t limit yourself to working in your own backyard. Work where you want to and you’ll be more productive than working where you have to.

What is the most exciting/rewarding aspect of your work?
When a new hotel opens and it offers one of the more interesting designs and services in the market, it is exciting and rewarding to see new employees and new customers enjoy the venue.

What is your favourite destination for business? For pleasure?
My favourite business destinations are Dubai and São Paulo. My favourite destinations for pleasure are Amsterdam (my wife Teena Sears is Dutch and she loves seeing her Netherlands homeland) and the Seychelles for their fabulous beaches.