Meet the customer…

HR-IMG_1819Meet Betty W. Gikonyo, Platinum For Life Member with Kenya Airways. Jackson Biko talked to her about flying and what it means to her

Q What line of business are you in?
I am a marketer by profession, a farmer and a parent. My business is called RMG Trading. We offer total solutions to health care. We mostly deal with medical equipment for health facilities. In short, if you need to set up a hospital, we are the people to reach out to. I was previously employed in the corporate world but now I am a full-time business executive. I have previously held positions with Shelter Afrique, World Bank and Ministry of Labour. I have a Bachelor of Science, Marketing from USIU.

Q What’s the most challenging aspect of running your business?
We started small – a boutique – now we integrate turnkey projects and our major challenge remains the cost of lending, which is still so high. We deliver machinery but sometimes how the client pays for this expensive machinery doesn’t make business sense for the company.

Q You spend practically your whole time in the air. Does that come with major challenges in itself?
The journey here has been bumpy, but I relentlessly support the group. Do I enjoy flying? Is it a necessary evil? In business class it’s an easier evil. In economy class, well, that’s a different story. Of course I would love to fly business often.

Q Having flown for hundreds of hours, what are your top travel tips?
Carry an inspiring book, take your work on board: this kills the miles away.

Q How does spending so many hours flying affect you as a person, especially your health?
I cover a lot during the flight, I plan my hours well depending on the flight time. I work, sleep, watch movies, read or chat with a friendly neighbour. In terms of health I go to the gym, I wear special stockings when I fly, I walk up and down the aisle during flights and I stretch. I’m now working with a therapist to help remain healthy enough to fly.

Q What are some of the most memorable Kenya Airways moments you can remember?
The genuine smiles of our crew members. They are also courteous and they always remember me and call me by name, even the ones I don’t know. That makes me feel at home. Another thing is seeing the national colour of my country’s flag – that is the best thing about flying KQ.

Q What do you like about Kenya Airways?
The crew! Absolutely! They are committed, mature, respectful, patriotic, polite, consistent and firm.

Platinum for Life
A Platinum for Life guest is a member of the Flying Blue Programme. For them to attain this level, they should have flown with Kenya Airways or any of the SkyTeam members on 60 one-way flights every year for ten consecutive years without fail. After the tenth year of being Platinum, we award them with the Platinum for Life status, which entitles them to all the Platinum Elite Plus benefits for the rest of their lives. These include:
• 100% more Award Miles on SkyTeam flights
• Business Class check-in
• Free lounge access
• Extra baggage allowance
• SkyPriority treatment
• Highest priority on waiting list