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NyamaChomaWhat is nyama choma?
Nyama choma translates as ‘grilled meat’ and is one of the country’s most enjoyed meals and activities. Nyama choma is more than just the act of grilling meat and eating it; it is about sharing and connecting with others. The most common choices are kuku (chicken), mbuzi (goat) and ng’ombe (beef). 1kg is sufficient for sharing between 2 or 3 hungry people and can be supplemented by ugali (a maize meal dish similar to polenta), kachumbari (a type of Kenyan salsa, sometimes mixed with avocado) and sukuma wiki (kale cooked and spiced like boiled spinach).

Restaurant Reviews
This month… treat yourself to an authentically Kenyan dining experience whether at an informal open air market, a local pub or an upmarket restaurant.
The name says it all. Picture a host of friendly carvers making rounds to your table with sizzling cuts of beef, chicken, pork, ostrich and game meat all speared onto Maasai swords. This uniquely African take on the Brazilian-style barbecue is what gives Carnivore its charm. The warm, rustic decor and spacious interior complement the experience. Make sure to try Carnivore’s signature cocktail, the Dawa, as a refreshing accompaniment to your meal. Carnivore Rd (off Langata Rd), Langata  | eatout.co.ke/nairobi/carnivore

K1 Klub House
K1 Klub House is as close to a beer garden as you’ll find. Tuck into a piping hot plate of freshly grilled meat whilst sipping on their wide variety of ice cold beers. The bar is one of very few places in the country that serve Tusker on tap and is the perfect venue for watching sport. Ojijo Rd, Parklands  | eatout.co.ke/nairobi/K1-klub-house

Jamie Oliver says…
“My first outdoor cooking memories are full of erratic British summers, Dad swearing at a barbecue that he couldn’t put together, and eventually eating charred sausages, feeling brilliant.”

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